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Legal info

On May 25th this year, changes to the law (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) will come into effect.

This law ensures:
a) that you know exactly how your data (like your email address and your name) are being used by anyone to whom you’ve provided these
b) that you have given your clear permission for this use.
c) It also means that you can easily remove your information if you want.

In case you leave me your personal data and contact details either on my website, on Facebook, instagram or by means of any other personal web spaces, be sure your name and contact details are only being used to send you the occasional answer to your questions and other updates about my work in the website.

If you are still happy to visualize and receive these data, you don’t need to do anything.

I hope that you will continue to follow my work, but in any case I can assure you that I will never pass on your contact details onto a third party and you can visit my privacy policy here.

If you have any questions in relation to this or would like to get in touch, I’m always happy to hear from you at